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James C. Rogers Jr. born in Nacogdoches, the oldest town in Texas. James is a one of a kind person and an all around man’s man, but he's also a gentle person and always takes in to account other peoples feelings. He is a man that never meets a stranger per se because he’s the life of the party wherever he goes. He can associate with all kinds, and he always has some sort of east Texas slogan to go with any situation. He puts God first and everything else works itself out wonderfully for him. He is a wonderful dad to Trey, his only son. He is a great son, brother, friend, and boss.

James is notorious for always looking good as well. Whether he is dressed head to toe in a great looking pair of jeans, pressed shirt, cowboy hat, and boots, or if he is hanging out on the river in his flip flops and shorts he is doing it in style.

He has a love for all Gods critters as he calls them, and he owns a few types of them too; cows, horses, chickens, guineas, and dogs are a few of the animals you would find on The Roger’s Ranch.

He loves to hunt and fish and you know when either of the seasons is coming about, because James takes a trip to Cabelas, Bass, and Academy to get all the gear needed for the hunt, and always attaches the phrase “I am not going shopping…. I am going buying.”

When it comes to James he is definitely a man that is true to himself. When he sets his mind on something he works relentlessly until he reaches his goals, and he always does. He is a hard-worker in all aspects of his life and always has been. Whether he was welding, fishing, raising an upstanding son, or managing large multi- million dollar communities he puts in a 110% and expects the same from everyone he is working with.

James C. Rogers Jr. is a person that anyone would be lucky to meet, befriend, or work with. He has a wonderful sense of humor, a kindness that is hard to find, and a great attitude on life in general!