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Second to Last Worst Day of My Life
2008 Movie
William Sloan wakes up to experience the second to last worst day of his life. While watching a guy with a pillow case on his head for his friend, Ruby, Sloan must deal with the escapades of his one night stand from the night before (who's name he can't remember) and deal with three hit men who are after him, another handful of killer who are after the pillow case guy, his lawyer/landlord, a pizza guy, a package delivered to the wrong house, a convenience store hold up, and a slew of other unbelievable events and people. Oh, did we mention the cops who are watching his house? — Brett Mauser

Second to Last Worst Day of My Life
Brett William Mauser Director/Writer
Bradley Bates Story
Cast Listed Alphabetically:
Bradley Bates Pillow Case Guy
Ernest Martinez William Sloan
Amanda Nutting Hottie
Craig Rainey Logan
Craig Rainey Logan
James Rogers Jr. Hit Man
Ernesto Rosas Smokey (as Ernest Rosas Roze)
Will Scoville Billy
DeMarcus Young Ruby

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