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Serial Rabbit 3 Splitting Hares

Two days before Christmas, the infamous Easter killer, known as the Serial Rabbit, comes out of hiding for one night of terror and bloodshed. On the trail of the rabbit is Detective Harvey and his sexy partner Maxine. The detectives learn too late that they are the ones being hunted.

From the foggy abandoned stretch of lover's lane to a concert of Latin pop sensation Jade Esteban Estrada, the Serial Rabbit dispenses his form of justice on the unsuspecting citizens of San Antonio, Texas.

Serial Rabbit 3

Brett William Mauser

Brett William Mauser Creator/Writer
Bradley Bates Creator
Bradley Bates Serial Rabbit
Kimberly Lynn Campbell Concert Dancer
Sergio Cantu Duece
Brandon Duffin Buster
Leia Don-Marie England Rave Goer
Jade Esteban Estrada Himself
Matthew Jasso Pizza Manager
Adolph Jecmenek Skippy
Jake Jecmenek Dad
Andrew Jacobi Jeter Jade's Dancer
David Jordan Ol' Man Charlie
Lisa Marie Kull Dominatrix Librarian
Coco Lectric Gratuitous Hot Chick
Brett William Mauser Mike Lorenzo
Gary Minter Elmer
Romy Nava Teenager
Amanda Nutting Maxine Natinski
Ann Hollingsworth Patrie Babs
Chris Patrie Bugsy
Kyle Patrie Cashier
Candace Ramirez Sexy Concert Bunny
Tory Olsen Ramirez Jade's Dancer
James P. Rice Concert Audience Member
Talon Rios Baxter
James C. Rogers Jr. Texas Ranger
Christina Rose Goldfish Girl
Nadia Sahari Concert Dancer
Will Scoville Harvey
Beth Stevens Lilith
David Sturgeon Leo
Kathryn Tait Concert Dancer
Cassandra Tutor Jessica
Loki D. Wolf Detective Peters
Nikki Young Julia
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